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The Ancient Wisdom of Feng Shui is the understanding of energy, form, and movement. Everything has a form and this form affects the movement of energy, or Chi,  how the form of things that is inherent in all things. Understanding how the forms of things relate to one another, and how this effect the movement of chi, can greatly influence the state of mind, and therefore the success of any person or endeavor.

Chi is a positive "life breath" energy inherent in all things. It is associated with the dragon, the most powerful animal in Chinese mythology. Chi flows through every part of the body from the earth to the top of the head. It pulsates through all forms and all materials, accumulating and dispersing, linking all energy forces. Feng Shui is the art of accentuating and concentrating the great benefits of chi. The flow of chi is sensitive to elements, shapes, obstructions and all sorts of circumstances.

The Five Elements utilized in Feng Shui are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. These elements are interactive and shape every aspect of daily life. Productively they lead to harmony, destructively they lead to discord.

A true understanding of the art and science of Feng Shui can only be gained through training with those who understand the fundamental principles of energy, form and movement. 

Master Christopher Armani sought this training, travelling to China to learn from those to whom this ancient wisdom has been passed to from time immemorial.

19 years ago, Master Armani travelled into China with three guards, one interpreter, one horse and 2 donkeys. Arriving at the Buddhist monastery that was their destination, he was greeting by bowing monks, who knew he was arriving and honored his arrival as a returning emperor. Although the monks wanted him to remain and train with them as a monk, Christopher returned to the West, where he could pass on the wisdom that he learned.



Does your mind wander and lose focus? Do you learn and retain facts as readily as you’d like? Are you able to use your mind to its full ability, acquiring and utilizing information when needed then stopping, resting and allowing a clear connection to insights and inspiration beyond your intellect? If your mental clarity or acuity is a concern, Master Chris Armani , Has the Precision  Feng Shui  codes and cure strategies to assist you .

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No clutter, no clutter, no clutter. 

Thinking clearly requires a clear space. Don't clutter your mind with unnecessary stuff. This means in your Living quarters ( the whole house), the company you work for or own, and the office that you work in. Clutter anywhere will imped the free flowing movement of chi and is counter-productive in any sector of a building.

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Are  you content with your level of education?

This area affects how you learn , store, and use knowledge.


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