Embracing the Arrival of the Wood Dragon in 2024  by Master 
Chris Armani

 Decluttering and Preparing the House/Office Energy.

In 2024 the Feng Shui CHI will Significantly shift from period 8 to period 9. This change will greatly impact the energy in our home or office 

2024 is characterized by the vital energy of growth, self-cultivation, and renewal.

Decluttering your living space is a crucial first step in the Year of the Wood Dragon. This process clears away stagnant energy and makes room for fresh, vibrant chi. 

Here are some actions to take.

1. Clear out the clutter: Remove items you no longer need or use, this will unlock the positive flow of CHI /Energy.

2. Deep cleaning: Give your home/office a thorough cleaning.

3. Repair and Replace:

Fix any broken items and appliances. remove broken items that symbolize unresolved issues and slow the positive flow of energy in your home or office.

4. Open up the space by rearranging furniture, to create and open the blocked energy.

5. Enhancing natural light

Let in as much light as possible in the morning to bring in a fresh vibrant energy inside the space.

6. Purge Digital clutter 

Decluttering your digital life as well, organizing files, and deleting unwanted emails.

The lucky color this year is Green and shades of Green 

be Creative 

Love and Light 

Chris Armani 


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