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 Explore the power of Feng Shui energy with Master  Chris Armani. Discover how it can enhance your surroundings and improve various aspects of your life.

People today realize that the environment does affect you and that feng shui energy is a key to understanding how our surroundings have an influence on us. As we have more say over our space, with more of us working from our homes, you will see the use of feng shui become more prevalent. Interior designers are liberally using new life feng shui with their clients and the next untapped profession that will start using  feng shui will be real estate agents. Real estate is ideal for this, especially for hard to sell properties, sometimes just changing one thing can create that sell. On the other end buyers are going to want houses that are feng shui energy correct and look to the future for houses to have a feng shui seal of approval. You will continue to see feng shui written about in magazines, newspapers, exposure on TV and radio. As feng shui awareness grows people are going to realize they are going to be left out if they don't start applying feng shui in their lives. CEOs will realize if their desk is not in the most powerful position chi, they could be left behind in their business. Housewives will realize by moving their beds they can enhance their marriages. City planners will realize that they can create better traffic control and lower crime rates by using feng shui. Anybody from any walk of life will realize that his or her life will be improved by the use of  feng shui. Don't let modern life pass you by, using new life  feng shui for optimum results!


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Discover the Power of Bagua: Tap into Your Inner Energy

Bagua is an essential concept in the practice of Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize individuals with their environment. In this context, Bagua represents the fundamental principles of energy flow, known as chi, which is believed to influence various aspects of our lives.

As a Feng Shui Master / consultant, understanding and utilizing Bagua is crucial in creating a balanced and harmonious living or working space. By mapping out the Bagua grid onto a floor plan, we can identify the different areas that correspond to specific aspects of life, such as health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Bagua helps us assess the flow of energy within these areas, allowing us to make adjustments and enhancements to optimize the positive chi. By aligning furniture, incorporating specific colors, and utilizing various elements, we can create an environment that supports the desired goals and aspirations of our clients.

By harnessing the power of Bagua, we can bring new life and vitality to spaces, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being. The proper arrangement and activation of chi within a room or building can have a profound impact on the occupants, enhancing their energy levels, creativity, and overall quality of life.


Transform Your Life with Feng Shui!

As a Feng Shui Master / consultant, I can help you adjust the energy of your home and office space to create a harmonious and balanced living space. Self cultivation , Career , Wealth , Health , Family unity ,Children, and more . By incorporating various Feng Shui principles, and codes.  We can enhance the flow of positive Energy, known as "Qi," throughout your home and  office.

Chris Armani

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