Prosperity and Abudance are two universal principles that can be activated in your life through understanding of energy and how it moves in your own self and in your environment. Abundance is a temporary state of having more than you need. It is through the action of freely giving from your abundance that you then create prosperity-the state of continually having more than you need. As you shall freely give, so you will then freely receive.

Chris is available for private consultations at your home, place of business or property.

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The consultation includes:

Feng Shui Services
Master Chris offers several types of feng shui services.

For any Corporation, he will assess prospective properties and advice on their suitability, review architects plans and models, inspect construction sites to supervise specific Feng Shui requirements, and provide an annual advisory service to make all the necessary adjustments in accordance with the changing energy fields arround and inside the premises.
For any business which is relocating, or choosing a new Location, he will make an on-site visit to advice on the suitability of a location

Tour of your Home Space; he will examine the existing property inside, to see how the flow of energy is moving and outside, to see any harming energy pointing at your site. He will them offer cure's and fix it, which will neutralize the Sharp energy, which is causing the disharmony in your environment.

This service is suited to anyone, especially: Any individual or family which is experiencing difficulties after moving into a new home, such as breakdown in the family atmosphere and/or any individual or family looking for a new home. Chris will visit their preferred location to advise on its suitability.

What you will need to provide: A list of your objectives, what do you want to improve in your life. A history of the property, who has lived there before you. You will also need to let Chris know if you feel comfortable in the space and he will ask you about your experiences since occupying the property.

Chris will perform a space clearing, to release negative energy.
He will identify the key areas of your property that relate to fame, relationships, creativity career, wisdom, family, and wealth.
You will also have a floor plan of your house or office based on the energy flow.

Specific CURES, or prescription. This will be created by Chris based upon your specific energy vibration. You are different from any other person, therefore, these cures are only for you. You will find out the best color for you, and your elements and the best direction for you, to bring balance and harmony.
Free follow-up Telephone Consultations. Please feel free to call, with any questions you may have.


Purple is the best color to place in the prosperity corner. Placing a big chunk of amethyst in this corner will increase the prosperity in your life.
Feng Shui Cure for Prosperity/Abundance
Do you live pay check to pay check ?
This area is related to wealth; having money for the good things in life.
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