Master Armani has changed the lives of many through his mission to help people through the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Below are some of the responses that his consultations have initiated, from just a few of his many clients. His success stories are many, with his many thrilled clients including Marcel Armani, Sam Armani, Giorgio Armani, Barneys New York, Mark McGwire and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The highest good is like water.
Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.
It flows in places men reject and so it is like the Tao.

Tao Te Ching
Lso Tsu


We are Proud to Present Our Top Success Stories 2010

"I've been working with Chris Armani since the first of the year, and I can't believe the tremendous turnaround in virtually every area of my personal life. My energy levels have jumped dramatically upward, and I'm having successes financially and in my personal relationships that I've been seeking for a long, long time. I know that, with Chris's help, 2010 will be my most successful year ever (in all aspects of my life)

I've also worked with Chris on my business, and there has been a very, very nice uptick in my cash flow and the prospects for an extremely successful year are right there in front of me. My office is now a place to get energized and to "kick some butt" when it comes to business success."

Larry  E   Investor  St Louis .

Prosperity, Relationships and Love
Dear Christopher , I started following your methodology right away. My wealth area is in my kitchen and I wanted to put something purple in there. The only thing I could find was a sponge - unused of course! and two pens. I put them on the counter and moved on to the next room. Don't laugh, okay? But two days later I went to a meeting with my boss for my annual review and found out that the company was upgrading all the jobs and I am now under the new minimum - so I get a raise this week, and then another in April! Logic tells me the plan was underway for some time. But I didn't know anything about it and wasn't expecting anything - so I am greatly impressed by the purple sponge! Thank you! I finally figured out the compromise I could go with - Follow the front door methodology but make sure my head is facing one of my lucky directions when I sleep, and my chair is facing a lucky direction when I'm watching TV or working. Thanks for Great Wisdom and detail Consultation .... I am a packrat so cleaning up the clutter is a huge job, but what a wonderful difference it is already making! I have more energy, need less sleep, am finally back in Aerobics classes, and am carefully setting up my love&marriage area to ready myself for the relationship I deserve. PS - Know anyone who needs 4 separate pictures featuring - you guessed it! - a single lady looking like she was waiting for something?

Lisa White ,  Clayton

Love Chi

Master Christopher Armani , I recently started seeing someone new (yes, the love and relationship corner is working JUST fine, LOL). I Moved  few things as you suggested During the Consultation In My condo The new Love in My  life is very Kind Loving man , Just what I imagined ,I followed all the codes , and placed all the Cures as you said , and it did work .Thank you much , You are  Amazing Christopher .

We Love you !!!
Kim  K   CWE   St. Louis

“I am truly  Thankful  About  Our Feng Shui  Consultation At Wells Fargo  St Louis . We  Had the Honor To Finally Meet Master Chris Armani , The Opportunity was Just perfect . Christopher Advised us To Place Hidden Codes and Cures at our CEO / Top Management Floor . This Gesture of codes  Helped Me and my staff Achieve our  best  Goals ever ........At Wells Fargo . We have Many Recourses To help our broad range of  Customers Succeed Financially , With Great sense of humor , And Wisdom , Chris  Made it easy for us to Digest the Principle of Feng Shui ....Chris  Made me Move My Office to a different location , After He coded  the Office , Every thing is Moving Like its meant to be . Iam going with the Flow Of Energy, not against it !!!!

 Our  business Consultation  AT WELLS FARGO  St , Louis , was a true success  on all levels .

Wells Fargo |  Downtown St . Louis

Relationships and Love, Prosperity
I wanted to share with you my incredible success after my Consultation with you .  Placing Few of the cures and codes  into practice in my  Condo In Clayton , my husband and I experienced a very uncharacteristic influx of good fortune; our careers, our income, our LOVE LIFE (you weren't kidding about that red felt!!!). We Love you Christopher , Thank you for the inspiration!

Madeleine , Patrick  .

Attorney  Clayton , MO

(And is this a success story? You be the judge!) Chris assisted me last year while in Rome, Italy. Since then, many changes have taken place. I still respect his perspectives above the others I have encountered. I did, however, receive 59 lbs of chocolate in 2 weeks after using the gold foil chocolate coins cure in my wealth area! I replaced them with gold coins. I then inherited silver coins! Beth, Roma,  Italia .

Dear Master Christopher Armani ,

After my feng shui consultation , I felt like a new person. Three years ago my husband and I purchased a new house in Ladue , St Louis. This is a very very big house. Weeks and months passed by, and my relationship with my Husband, was diving down, to a point where we stopped talking. Let me just say my relationship was FROZEN. One day I was with my friend at a spa in Ladue. She said that she had met you, and you feng shui her house and her Husband's Law Firm in Clayton. I was so excited, that I got your number right then.

Two weeks after my consultation, I started to see good changes. Then one day my husband came home happy and singing, saying, "Get ready, we are going out." He was all over me! I was thinking, "It worked! It worked!"

After that, my husband made a reservation to Hawaii for a week. It was a great 2nd honeymoon and our relationship is back 10 times better!

Chris thank you so much thank you for being wise and helpful with great sense of humor. We love you, Chris you are #1!
Linda & James 
Ladue , St.louis


Chris you are outstanding! Thank you soooo much for the great consultation yesterday!!!

It was amazing sleeping in a room full of color! It's weird... I have to admit, I feel like I'm being physically and spiritually plugged in to an outlet, like what the cell phone must feel like when it's getting charged. Actually, this reminds me of how I felt when I get reiki. (Oh, I'll reiki you sometime if you want!) I have to tell you, the response from the family was off the charts!!! My daughter absolutely loved all the changes and she couldn't stop gushing about how fantastic the room looks and what a good job I did. (Pretty great coming from a 6 year old!) My husband also really liked everything although it's a little harder for him to process the deeper significance of it all.

Oh, my daughter made a red heart in pastels -- really gorgeous! I'd buy it if I saw it in a gallery... We promptly framed it in a wood frame which we painted gold and hung it over the bathtub. I love it!!! I'm framing some of her yellow and orange stuff for the health gua... Although I'm really inspired and would love to feng shui all day, I better get back to work... Let's see how I do today. It's hard to focus on my work when I know how powerful all this stuff is and how much I can affect my family. I've really got to get busy on the health area.. I know I was a nut case yesterday.

Thanks again. I'M ENJOYING KNOWING YOU!!!! The spa shoes are just the beginning... XXX, Sher

Dear Chris,
You were just here & I cannot find words to express how your positive energy helped me. This is a difficult time for a lot of us & you really helped me feel better.  Thank you so much.

Love, Jan

My 12-year-old-son, who has a problem of wetting the bed, put a note in a tin foil envelope that he made and put it in the Helpful People corner of his room. He has been dry at night ever since and attributes it to the Feng Shui Cures by Master Christopher. He is as enthusiastic about Feng Shui as I am, and has ideas for other areas of the house. We are having a blast, and he loves his dry bed!!! Thanks for the balance you brought to our family.

Chris you are #1, and we love you
James, Lisa, Mike L
"West County" Wildwood, MO

Prior to bringing my business home, I consulted Master Christopher to find out if it would continue to prosper away from the commercial environment. Chris's report helped me plan and I ran my business from home very successfully for 3 years (for the period advised). I then sold it for a good price. I am very happy. All the thanks to Master Chris Armani.

James H, Clayton, MO

Before Feng Shui, my business was struggling. Burglary was common (5 major burglaries in 5 years plus minor robberies), tension among the staff was high and arguments between Directors common. After the Feng Shui, business increased significantly, robberies no longer occur, staff and Director relations are smooth and there is a sense of lightness and welcoming.

ALL thanks to Chris
Mark and Julia L.
St. Louis, MO

After our consultation with Master Armani, my relationships, my husbands business and my family's health have improved immeasurable. Blocks to business deals are no longer there. Our son (age 8) is now thriving, wheras before he was pale and sickly with no apparent medical explanation. We sleep better, communicate better and life flows more smoothly. It has been a wonderful gift. Christopher you are a fascinating man, full of wisdom and light, we love you Chris.

Jan, David, Jeff M.
St. Louis, Wild Wood, MO

Let me say Master Armani was right on the Money....Thanks for a great consultation on my home and business. I have experienced a huge turn around in both areas. Staff are happier, business has changed for the better and I have experienced positive personal shifts. All in all, a great improvement. Thank you. Christopher, I will always be a great help to you whenever you need me.

Fashion design, manufacture & retail, NY, New York

I found it extremely powerful to experience the results of Feng Shui. Before the changes, I was having trouble sleeping and business was slow. Since my Consultation with Christopher, I sleep better, my health has improved, my business has more than doubled and a wonderful sense of peace and harmony fill the place.

John K.
St. Louis, Clayton, MO

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