The use of Feng Shui principles in a child's room or study space can aid them to learn more easily and have greater success in all aspects of their life. Children are especially responsive to the movement of chi, and therefore, small changes in their environment can make big differences in their lives.

Peace is easily maintained;
Trouble is easily overcome before it starts.
The brittle is easily shattered;
The small is easily scattered.

Deal with it before it happens.
Set things into order before there is confusion.

Tao Te Ching
Lao Tsu



   Quan Yin (female Buddha) is the eternal protector of all woman and children.  She also represents universal compassion and love she and is said to enhance fertility
Feng Shui Cure for Children/Creativity
This area relates to thinking creatively, and kids.
Are you having trouble having children or wish you were more creative?

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