The bagua is considered the "map of feng shui." Every thing that happens in life can be boiled and placed into nine categories, or life situations. These catagories are spatially represented by areas in your living quarters. Each area is called "gua". The term bagua means "eight". The eight sides plus the middle make up the nine zones that relate to the different life situations: Fame, Money, Relationships, Creativity & Children , Helpful People, Career, Wisdom, Family and Health. These situations must be balanced through feng shui. Through his wisdom and expertise, Master Christopher Armani will lead you to the best suitable cure for your living and working space.
Feng Shui: Feng shui is a system, or way of purposefully arranging an environment so that it positively affects those who live there. Although many cultures used various methods of feng shui to help themselves live life more harmoniously, it was first logged and documented by the Chinese culture - thus the popularity of their name for it. The words feng shui are translated as "wind and water," which describe the two forces that shape the environment. One visible and the other invisible, they both impact our lives constantly.

Chi: Chi is the word used most often to describe the invisible energetic forces that are being changed or manipulated when using feng shui. The American description most closely aligned with this concept is "life force". More scientifically, it is the intelligence-holding vibration of sub-atomic particles, which make up all matter.

With Love and Light
Chris Armani

Chris is also specialised in the Compass School. The eight Directions methods can be used as an alternative to the bagua.

Modern Feng Shui
by Chris Armani

People today realize that the environment does affect you and that feng shui is a key to understanding how our surroundings have an influence on us. As we have more say over our space, with more of us working from our homes, you will see the use of feng shui become more prevalent. Interior designers are liberally using feng shui with their clients and the next untapped profession that will start using feng shui will be real estate agents. Real estate is ideal for this, especially for hard to sell properties, sometimes just changing one thing can create that sell. On the other end buyers are going to want houses that are feng shui correct and look to the future for houses to have a feng shui seal of approval. You will continue to see feng shui written about in magazines, newspapers, exposure on TV and radio. As feng shui awareness grows people are going to realize they are going to be left out if they don't start applying feng shui in their lives. CEOs will realize if their desk is not in the most powerful position, they could be left behind in their business. Housewives will realize by moving their beds they can enhance their marriages. City planners will realize that they can create better traffic control and lower crime rates by using feng shui. Anybody from any walk of life will realize that his or her life will be improved by the use of feng shui. Don't let modern life pass you by, use feng shui for optimum results!
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